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Hitachi F-7100

F-7100 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer is now released as a top of the line F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer.

F-7100 has high sensitivity (1.5 times higher than F-7000. S/N is more than 1200 in RMS, and more than 360 in Peak to peak.)  Futhermore F-7100 uses Long-life Xe lamp. Light sorce life time (Useful limit) is 2500 h that is 5 times longer than F-7000 standard lamp (500 h).  You can use it for a lot of field such as industrial field (LED and solar panel), food inspection, life science, and biotechnology. And F-7100 can be used for research, quality control and education field.

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 1. The highest level of the high-sensitivity in the class:

S/N 1200(RMS) (S/N 360 Peak to Peak)

F-7100 follows a reliable optical system of the longtime seller model F-7000.

High bright Xe lamp is selected, and detection optical system is optimized. As a result, higher sensitivity of new model F-7100 is achieved.

S/N comparison by Raman scattering of the water



We compared F-7100 S/N by the Raman scattering of the water with the F-7000. With high sensitivity of conventional ratio 1.5 times, the feeble signals are detected by a low noise.



Infinitesimal fluorescein measurement




 S/N (F-7100)

This is a high sensitivity measurement of fluorescein. Fluorescence of 1×10-13 mol/L(sub p mol) order in comparison with blank (water) is detected with F-7100.  Even if it is ultra trace measurement, the proper calibration curve is obtained.


2. Long-life light source in the best-in-its-class

New Xe lamp was selected and lamp power source was improved. As a result, high brightness and long life of light source was achieved. Because of long running time of the lamp, low cost of supplies expense, and reduction of changing and adjusting lamp are obtained. It keeps high sensitivity until the end of lamp life in order to high quality design leaving plenty room of specification


3. FL Solutions

FL Solutions, which controls Fluorescence spectrophotometer, supports customer’s measurement support version: FL Solutions 4.2(after Rev04) . New functions such as FL Intensity standardization, enhanced report function are supported and they are useful for finger print analysis. Regarding to the new functions, refer to the FL Solutions 4.2(Rev04) sales information.


Application includes measuring liquid and solid samples, LED material, powder sample, biological sample for fluorescence, phosphorescence and other luminescence measurements.

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