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To be our distributorSincere cooperation and mutual benefit

Techcomp is expanding on product and territories and we need calibrated business partners.  If you want to be one of our business partners in particular products or territory, please contact us for details.

Currently we are looking for business partners for below products in various countries:

1.  Precisa Electronic Electronic Balances (http://www.precisa.com/en/pr/gm/index.html)
2.  Precisa Automatic Moisture and Ashing Content Analyser, also known as Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA) (http://www.precisa.com/en/pr/ad/index.html)
3.  Froilabo Temperature Forcing System, also know as Air Streamer (http://www.froilabo.com/en/products/40-air-streamer)

Please email to techcomp@techcomp.com.hk or leave message on this website

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