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Hitachi UH4150

Inheriting the reliability of the U-4100 Spectrophotometer, which has been widely used since 1998, the UH4150 spectrophotometer is now available. Along with its high integration of semiconductors, the wavelength is shortened with advanced exposure tools used for the etching process, and the liquid crystal displays become larger. The U-4100 system has been used by many customers in these fields to achieve quality control or material evaluation for optical materials such as glasses, lenses, prisms, etc.

The UH4150 is compatible with many of the U-4100 accessories. By maintaining the existing usability and reliability, this new spectrophotometer will respond to the needs of customers by allowing the user to establish a variety of system configurations using a wide selection of detectors, sample holders, etc.

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The UH4150 spectrophotometer provides better usability and more functions than those of the U-4100 model.

  1. Small signal level differences at the detector switching allow highly accurate measurements even when the wavelength of the detector is being switched.
  2. Low stray light and low polarization characteristics are attained with Hitachi’s high performance prism-grating double monochromator system.
  3. A wide variety of detectors allow selection of detectors suitable for measurement objectives.
  4. A new ergonomic design has been adopted. The height of the sample compartment base is raised 20 cm to make access easier for installation or replacement of accessories such as 5° absolute reflectance equipment, etc.
  5. USB communication is available and compatible with Windows7 (64 bit).
  6. The number of channels for the user baseline is increased from 2 to 4 channels, and has a function for adding the name. This allows the user to easily identify which baseline is being used when analyzing.
  7. Compatible with many of the U-4100 accessories

System Lineup:

Integrating Sphere Detection System

A variety of 60 mm integrating spheres are available. As optional items, we offer 150 mm integrating spheres or Continuously Variable Angle Absolute Reflectance accessories (60 mm standard integrating sphere is shown here).

Direct Light Detection System

The direct light detector is built in the spectrophotometer. The direct light detector can be replaced with other optional detectors, such as various Integrating Spheres and Continuously Variable Angle Absolute Reflectance accessories.



Application includes measuring liquid and solid samples, thin film, powder sample, lens, prism, silicon wafer, glass, plastic, textile and garment, coating, LED, LCD, solar panel, optical component, semi-conductor component for transmittance, absorbance, reflectance, diffused reflectance, diffused transmittance, specular reflectance, total reflectance measurement.

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