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ChromAssist CDS version 2.1

ChromAssist Data Station is the HPLC/MSD chromatography data processing system based on MSD System Manager, and streamlining the entire process from measurement and analysis to reporting.

It supports all modules of Chromaster Series (Supports multi-system. Controls up to two systems per PC).

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1. User-friendly GUI
ChromAssist Data Station inherits operability from the D-2000 and Chromaster System Manager such as button arrangement according to the analysis flow. And image display of measurement parameters on the status screen to improve operability.

2. Navigation and Guidance Functions (Based on Chromaster Series)
    A function to support the operation of the entire analysis flow from the startup of the instrument to measurement, analysis, maintenance, and     troubleshooting.
Useful tools such as operation training for beginners, LC/MS basic course, maintenance video, etc. are included in the guidance.

3. System Suitability Test (SST) Summary Function

The system suitability test (SST) is carried out to ensure that the performance of the system, and the instrument including the column adequately secured at the daily analysis. 

The system suitability (theoretical plate number, resolution, repeatability (SD, RSD), etc.) is recorded. And the performance of the system can be evaluated by examining the trend (comparison of product lot numbers, column deterioration, etc.).

4. Daily Maintenance Support Function
    Part replacement dates, usage history (liquid feed amount, number of uses, cumulative time, etc.), and guidelines for recommended replacement can be     recorded and checked to monitor the condition of consumables. This information can be output as a report or stored in a log

5. Adding Controllable Modules (NEW)
In addition to Chromaster series, ChromasterUltra Rs (CMU)*1), LaChrom Elite (LCE/L-2000), and LaChromUltra (LCU)*2) are added as controllable modules. Data acquisition using ChromasterUltra Rs (CMU) with Chromaster 5610 MS Detector is now possible.

6. Enhancing the Data Import Function (NEW)
Import function in units of data series from the previous Hitachi CDS (D-2000 Elite HPLC System Manager, Chromaster System Manager, ChromasterUltra Rs System Manager) has been added.
Data acquired with the previous CDS can be reanalyzed using ChromAssist Data Station. Smooth data migration from the previous CDS is supported.

7. Improving the Report Function (NEW)

    The report layout function has been improved by adding settings for each injection to the report template creation function. In addition, the print quality of the report has also been improved by enhancing the resolution of the chromatogram displayed on the report.

    The display of measurement conditions such as measurement date and time, vial number, and injection volume can be customized. And the display range of the chromatogram to be output as a report can be set freely.

8. Enhancing Sample Table Editing Function (NEW)

       The “Fill down” function has been added to improve the operability of the sample table editing function.

         The “Fill down” function is added to the right-click menu.

         The right-clicked parameter is copied below.

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