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Hitachi Chromaster Ultra Rs

Hitachi Chromaster Ultra Rs is an ultra-high performance liquid chromatograph designed for a new era, provides the ultimate in high performance, high resolution, and high sensitivity analysis that are becoming requirements for research and development in pharmaceutical and chemical fields.

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Ultra high performance visualize the future

Excellent performance up to 140 MPa system pressure, UHPLC will support HPLC analyses!

Stable solvent delivery is realized for a broad range of pressure, as high as 140 MPa, by incorporating a new Liquid Beat Technology (LBT) into the Binary pump. Even for gradient analysis under high pressures, highly reproducible analyses are available. Moreover, ultra-fast analyses are supported by improving the gradient response using an extremely low system volume.

High resolution

Make separation much better than you expected

the newly developed high resolution system, up to 140 MPa system pressure combining with the unique LaChromUltra II column, designed for UHPLC applications can achieve more advanced separation analyses and industry-leading performance. Thus high resolution analyses of impurities and structural analogs of synthetic compounds, such as medicines and chiral molecules, are possible now.

High sensitivity

Every trace component will be cared, no impurities can be hidden

A total reflection type capillary flow cell is incorporated into the diode array detector to cope with the increasing need for high sensitivity analyses of hazardous substances, genotoxic impurities, etc. A high sensitivity flow cell with an optical path length of 65 mm is also available. In addition to high sensitivity analyses, carryover is reduced through the use of a double corkscrew mixer.

Ease of operation

Excellent operability makes your analysis easier

Daily maintenance and replacement of consumables can be performed from the front side of the instrument, providing enhanced operational efficiency. This includes the replacement of pump plunger seals, check valve cartridges, autosampler injection port seals, the detector lamp, and flow cell. The front access for easy maintenance has been available on Hitachi HPLC products for several years, and has gained favor with users.


A very high degree of functionality is available to meet a broad range of analysis needs

All sorts of features to meet your analytical needs, including column switching, column management, and an intuitive GUI controller, are offered with this system.

Fluorescence detector is available besides UV and DAD, providing more sensitive detection in some applications.

The column oven, can be fitted with an optional 2-column selector valve. The combination of column switching and the solvent selector allows testing and analysis of various chromatographic conditions.

The Hitachi column management system (optional) can be used to track the log information on analytical columns and guard-columns from any manufacturer. Log information can be written and read through a connector mounted on the column oven or a USB port in the computer.

All modules can be controlled from the optional Graphical User Interface (GUI) controller. The GUI is comprised of a color LCD monitor (5.7-inch color TFT display with LED back-light) and a touch panel makes for easy viewing and simple operation. Up to 10 programs including a timer function, pre-analysis tasks (Wakeup), and postanalysis tasks (Sleep) can be created for a system. The GUI controller enables you to check the status of consumables usage for all units that are connected to the system.

Application: Organic Synthesis, Food, Pharmaceutical

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