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Froilabo Cryovita Origin Series Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Froilabo Cryovita Origin Series Liquid Nitrogen Tank

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State-of-the art engineering design featuring:

High efficiency

Very low LN2 consumption
LN2 storage in either liquid or vapor phase
·  Near LN2 temperatures maintained at top of inventory storage system for overall sample viability

Single pivot point aluminum turntable design

Smooth rotation and ergonomic use
·  Eliminates any mechanical component maintenance
·  Full height, segmented and labeled turntable provides easy inventory storage access and management
·  Convenient access to measure LN2 level

Hinged lid and stainless steel table top

Easy operation with a convenient working surf ace
The l id includes locking capabilities and activates an automatic defog for quick vie wing of inventory storage
·  The table top provides a working surface and provides protection to electrical and plumbing components

Enhanced and intuitive controller technology
Discrete thermistor level measurement and thermocouple temperature resolution within 0.1°C
·  Capabilities for data collection, event scheduling and enhanced security
·  Second access point for monitoring temperature

Integral folding step with slip-resistant surface
All units include a mechanical step lock for securing the step when stowed
Flexible Fill Hose with 1.27 cm I.D. includes dual swivel connectors and a 3/8” male NPT adaptor included with purchase.

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