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Laboratory equipment
Froilabo Incubator

FROILABO offers a full range of incubators with natural convection, air forced or forced cooling to cover most laboratory applications.

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Froilabo incubator comes with 3 series, Performance Natural Convection Range (BSP), Performance Range (BP) and Expert Range (AE) in 3 different volume (60L, 120L, 240L).  Selection of plain door or viewing door is available. 


Natural convection is suitable for long term incubation, incubation to protect potentially sensitive samples to desiccation, and also for powder and other applications


·  Temperature range: Ambient +5 °C to 65 °C (9°F to 149°F)

· Volume 65 to 245L

·  Control probe Pt100 ohm

·  Combined PID / Fuzzy logic regulation

·  Dual digital display of the set-point and actual temperature to 0.1 of a degree

· Timer: 99h 59min

·  Simplified control panel

· Pre-heated chamber (accurate temperature control preventing sample desiccation)

·  Safety over-temperature according to NF EN61010-2-010 (equivalent to DIN 3.1)

·  High and low temperature alarm

·  Visible alarm

·  2 anti-tip stainless steel shelves included (BSP65: 1)

·  Multiple adjustable shelf positions

· Real hands free easy closing door design

·  Stackable units (up to 125L)

·  Inner safety glass door

·  EASYCLEANING – inner stainless steel chamber (flat surface, removable shelf holder)

·  Conform to EN60068-3-11 and therefore to NFX15-140


Forced convection incubators offer high temperature precision and better homogeneity and stability. Forced convection significantly reduces the warm-up, stabilization and recovery time. Forced convection is recommended for full loads or frequent door opening.


To the BSP general specifications, the following additional features are included:

·  Excellent temperature uniformity (< 0.5°C at 37°C/ < 1°F at 99°F)

·  Rapid temperature setpoint and homogeneity achieved with internal fan

·  Heating of the chamber by forced convection, no risk of conduction and radiation:

the air is introduced into the chamber at the set temperature

·  Adjustable air control (0% to 100%), 35 mm rear exhaust

BP Specifications:

·  Temperature range: ambient +5°C to 100°C/ 9°F to 212°F

·  Volume 60 to 240L

·  2 anti-tip stainless steel wire shelves included (BP 60: 1)


In addition to the Performance features, the Expert range includes the following benefits:

·  Thermal disinfection cycle 160°C (320°F) for 2.5 hours

·  Cable entry port to enable validation and calibration with additional probes

·  Programmable controller with 8 settings to enable temperature cycle up to 4 temperatures

·  Ramp (°C/min) and temperature setup

·  RS485 port for data transfer (optional software and cable to be ordered separatly)

·  Adjustable fan speed

·  Audible and visible alarm

·  2 anti-tip stainless steel shelves included (all sizes)

Application: Culture media, Incubation, Constant temperature

Further information about Froilabo product please visit www.froilabo.com

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