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Laboratory equipment
Tabletop Micro Ultracentrifuge CS-NX

The himac CS-NX series Tabletop Micro Ultra Centrifuge is the fastest and highest g-force centrifuge for dedicate separation of biomolecules.

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Max. speed (rpm)/max. RCF (x g): (S140AT rotor)

CS150NX: 150,000 rpm/1,050,000 xg"

Maximum Capacity:

30ml x 6 tubes (S50A rotor)"

Dimension (WxDxH): 590x582x408mm

Weight: 97kg

Temp Set: 0 to 40C


* The Most Compact Body: (590(W) x 582(D) x 408(H) mm)

* Visual Balancing by non-contact imbalance sensor

* Quick Start-Up

   It takes just 8 seconds (minimum) to be ready for operation system.

* Powerful Vacuum Pump

   Reaching time to high-vacuum status is reduced to half by optimized control of the oil diffusion pump. (comparing with our previous model.)"

* Quiet Operating Sound “45dBA”

* Easy Operation with Touch-Sensitive LCD

* Color touch-sensitive LCD and GUI "

* Easy Timer Setting and Actual Run Timer

* himac original RTC(real-time control) function makes timer setting easy . "

* USB Interface (compatible to GLP/GMP)

* RCF Calculation and Display



Separate and purify protein, lipoprotein, cell organelle, DND and RNA, also carbon nano tubes, more efficiently than ever. 

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