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Isotopx Phoenix Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer

Isotopx Phoenix Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer

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Isotopx Phoenix Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer

The Phoenix TIMS instrument is designed to measure isotope ratios of non-gaseous elements with the highest sensitivity and precision. High sensitivity results from careful design of the ion extraction optics combined with high vacuum around the ionizing filament. High precision is also the result of highly sensitive, low noise, stable detectors, that can measure extremely low ion currents from nanoamps (nA, 1 x 10-9 A) to single ion detection (1.6 x 10-19 A).

The Phoenix represents the ultimate combination of all these factors.

Phoenix TIMS Design Features:

·          New ATONA amplifiers allow for largest dynamic range Faraday cup detection up to 1nA (100V equivalent 1e11Ω resistor), with the fastest response time, surpassing the theoretical noise of a 1e13Ω resistor after 10 seconds of integration.

·          Largest radius electromagnet on commercial TIMS for optimal transmission, resolution, and stability

positive and negative ion capability as standard

·          Highly stable high voltage and magnet field control such that mass drift is <20ppm of mass over 40 minutes.

·          Rotated ion focal plane such that the collector focal plane is perpendicular to the ion trajectory, ensuring optimal peak flat irrespective of collector position across the focal plane

·          Extended ion optics to allow for simultaneous measurement of UO2+

·          Long life Faraday cups that carry a 10 year guarantee of never having to be replaced

·          Largest pumping capacity on commercial TIMS for the fastest pump down from atmosphere leading to improved productivity and best ultimate vacuum

·          Stainless steel source chamber with accessory ports for sample pre-heat, cold trap and oxygen bleed

·          20 position sample carousel that rotates perpendicular to the ion trajectory, ensuring zero possibility of sample cross contamination

·          Hinged door with a viewing window that a pyrometer can be mounted onto

·          Highest capacity analyser ion pumps on commercial TIMS for best ultimate vacuum and abundance sensitivity

·          Highest sensitivity due to largest ion extraction slits and optimal focussing

·          Largest dynamic range ion counter. (Daly detector)

·          Options for Secondary Electron Multiplier

·          Option for multiple ion counting with conversion dynode technology

·          Option for Retarding filter to improve abundance sensitivity on axial Daly or SEM to <1 x 10-8 at 237 with respect to 238 U

·          All detectors except for axial Daly and SEM are independently and individually motorized. No other TIMS offers this flexibility

·          Powerful and flexible software for tailor made applications as well as repetitive analyses

·          Fully networkable to permit remote control of the instrument 

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