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Surface science
Hitachi Ultrahigh-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8600

The SU8600 brings in a new era of ultrahigh-resolution cold-field emission scanning electron microscopes to the long-standing Hitachi EM lineup. This revolutionary CFE-SEM platform incorporates multifaceted imaging, automation, increased system stability, efficient workflows for users of all experience levels, and more.

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Hitachi Ultrahigh-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope SU8600


Hitachi’s high-brightness cold field emission source provides ultrahigh-resolution images even at Ultra-low voltages.

RHO-type Zeolite particle at low-kV. In order to reveal fine steps structure on surface, the image was acquired at 0.8 kV of landing voltage. This allows the very fine structure of surface steps to be clearly visible (image on right).

A Smart Detection System for Low Voltage BSE Imaging

Cross section image of 3D NAND;

Oxide layer and Nitride layer of capacitor are easily distinguishable in the image due to BSE detection capability.

Cross Section of 3D NAND (Acceleration Voltage: 1.5 kV)

Fast BSE Imaging : New Out-Column Crystal Type BSED (OCD)

By using new Out-Column Crystal Type BSED (OCD)*, image acquisition time was less than ONE SECOND, yet lower layer interconnect and Fin FET structure of SRAM are clearly visible.