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Analytical Instrument
Edinburgh Instruments FLS1000 Fluorescence Spectrometer

Model FLS1000 is the most advanced and highest specification modular based spectrometer to measure luminescence.  The system is built with ultra high sensitivity.  It can be configured to various wavelength range from UV to NIR for different measurement.  The fluorescence life-time range cover up to 12 Order of magnitude to pico second level.

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1.         Modular design for measurement versatility and upgradable

2.         Highest sensitivity > 30,000: 1 (RMS method)

3.         Unmatched monochromator with plug-n-play triple grating turret and standard automatic filter wheel

4.         The focal length of the monochromator is up to 325mm that bringing excellence stray light suppression

5.         Selectable multiple options of light source and detector, single or double monochromator.

6.         New Fluoracle software for steady-state and life-time data acquisition and standard analysis


Material Science, Life Science, Environmental Science, Forensic and safety, Geology

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