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Hitachi-AI LC090052 - Analysis of β-Alanine, Glucosamine and Galactosamine (L-8900)

Analysis of β-Alanine, Glucosamine and Galactosamine (L-8900)

L-8900 Amino Acid Analyzer with the eluent for the special amino acid analysis, is shown. β-alanine is a structural isomer of alanine contained in protein. It is a free amino acid mainly found in muscle.

The acetyl forms of glucosamine and galactosamine widely exist in biological sphere as the constituents of chitin of crustacean and insects, proteoglycans such as hyalron acid, and glycans on cell surfaces. Acetyll glucosamine and acetyl galactosamine mostly exist in the forms of glycans and are analyzed by an amino acid analyzer after hydrolyzed to glucosamine and galactosamine. These amino acids are also used as the supplements for the improvement of athletic ability and prevention and improvement of arthritis.


Hitachi LA8080 is the current model that replace L-8900

Product Info: Hitachi LA8080 Amino Acid Analyzer

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Online PDF reading

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