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Application notes
UV190004E - Measurement of near-infrared light absorbing dyes using the Hitachi UH5700

Near-infrared light absorbing dyes absorb near-infrared light at wavelengths of 700 to 2500 nm and are used in applications such as heat-shielding films and anti-forgery nk. Since the use of a continuously variable slit, the UH5700 can make low-noise measurements over a broad wavelength region (190 to 3300 nm). Here, we measured the absorption spectra of five near-infrared absorbing dye samples using the UH5700 and detected the peaks with UV Solutions Plus specialized software.

Model UH5700 Spectrophotometer

Measurement of absorption spectrum of near-infrared light absorbing dyes

- Near-infrared light absorbing dye powders were dissolved in toluene to produce samples for measurement.

- As a reference, the absorption spectrum of toluene was measured with the UH5700.

Spectra were obtained with maximum absorption peaks around wavelengths of 800 to 1000 nm.

Spectra were obtained with a low step size at the detector switchover wavelength of 850 nm.

By employing a continuously variable slit in which the slit automatically widens when measuring low quantities of light, low-noise spectra could be obtained even near the detector switchover wavelength where the energy is low.

Measurement data

Figure 1 - Absorption spectra of near-infrared light-absorbing dyes

Peak detection

Figure 2 - Peak detection settings screen

Measurement conditions

         Scan speed: 300 nm/min (NIR), 300 nm/min (UV-Vis)

         Slit: 8 nm (UV-Vis), automatic (NIR)

         PbS sensitivity: 1

Sampling interval: 1 nm

Table 1 - Peak detection results for near-infrared light absorbing dyes

- Peak detection was carried out using the measured absorption spectra.

The wavelength range and detection method used can be set in the UV Solutions Plus specialized software, and multiple peaks can be simultaneously detected. In addition, peak detection results can be displayed in tabular form as in Table 1.

Product Info: Hitachi UH5700 

For more information on Hitachi UV-VIS-NIR, please visit Hitachi High-Tech Science website


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