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Application notes
Measurement of 3D Fluorescent Spectra (Fluorescence Fingerprint) of Milk

F-7000 Fluorescence spectrophotometer, with its highest level of 3D fluorescence spectra (Fluorescence fingerprints) for the instrument class, is used in a wide range of applications from the cutting edge research to quality control. The fluorescence fingerprint of milk was obtained to understand its fluorescence characteristics. The time required for the wavelength region measured this time is about 2 minutes. When analyzing liquid samples do not transmit light, such as milk, a solid sample holder is used to measure the fluorescence from the surface of the sample. By measuring the fluorescence on the surface, the fluorescence characteristics of undiluted milk could be understood and it was possible to confirm four characteristic fluorescence peaks (i) – (iv). The fluorescence fingerprint (i) shown near the excitation wavelength of 280nm and the fluorescence wavelength of 340nm is a fluorescence peak originating from a protein-constituting amino acid.

It is known that beverages containing a large amount of protein and milk fat, such as milk, are insoluble and the components tend to remain in containers, etc.

As one example, one milk sampler prepared by diluting milk to a low concentration to simulate milk remaining in water used for rinsing was analyzed to confirm the washing condition of containers or tubes. The sample was transferred into a 10mm rectangular cell.

The overlay of the fluorescence spectrum at the excitation wavelength of 280nm obtained from a milk sample diluted to 1mg/L with purified water and the one from a low concentration range (0.1-10mg/L) is shown.

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