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Teaching video
Basic installation of Dynamica Velocity 18R Refrigerated Versatile Benchtop Centrifuge

This video shows procedure to install the Dynamica Velocity 18R step by step.

The installation video includes below

1.         Checking of the box and unpacking

2.         Checking of packing list items

3.         Check installation requirements

4.         Prepare installation manpower & tool required

5.         Install the system according to the instruction manual

·         Basic checks

o   Proper power supply

o   Space and the loading of the bench

o   Leveling of the centrifuge

6.         Performance check and demonstration to the customer

·         Performance check of V18R

o   Check rotor o-ring and cover

o   Rotor ID setting

o   Set temperature

o   Set time

o   Set max speed of the rotor

o   Set acceleration

o   Set deceleration

7.         Fill the installation report and sign by customer

8.         Stick the service contact label

9.         Hand over the centrifuge and warranty start

Product information: http://hk.techcomp.com.hk/EN/product/content/?MenuID=24&ContentID=1503&CID=195

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