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Hitachi HPLC Column LaChromUltra II C18

Hitachi HPLC Column LaChromUltra II C18

High durability and pressure resistance enable high resolution The application range of UHPLC can be extended from ultra high speed analysis to ultra high resolution analysis. DownloadOnline messages
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The LaChromUltraⅡ column is packed with grafted material comprised of organic-inorganic silica, providing improved physical and chemical durability over conventional silica gel particles.

To maximize the high pressure performance inherent to UHPLC, a 250 mm long column with 1.9 μm particles is added to the product lineup.

The applicability of UHPLC is extended from ultra high speed analysis to high resolution analysis.

Basics product information & specs

– The new columns provide high-resolution, high sensitivity, high speed analysis

– High-resolution column with 1.9 μm particle size (250 mm length) obtains 50,000 theoretical plates/column

– Superior physical and chemical durability allows analysis method optimization under wide range of mobile phases with the pH range between 1 and 12.

– UHPLC column (particle size: 1.9 μm) and HPLC column (particle size: 3μm and 5 μm) with the same packing material properties allow method transfer easily between UHPLC and HPLC



Base gel

The grafted material comprised of organic-inorganic silica

Functional group

C18 (USP Code: L1)

Particle diameter (μm)

1.9μm3μm ,  5μm

Carbon content (%)

Approx. 20

Bonding type


End capping


Pore diameter (nm)

12 nm

Applicable area

– Pharmaceutical : Method development, QA

– Clinical : Toxicology and Pathology Laboratories

– Industry : Food and Beverage Quality Control

– University & Government Institutes : Chemistry and Biochemistry Labs, Research Institutes

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