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Hitachi F-4700
F-4700 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer is now released as a successor of the F-4600 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer. DownloadOnline messages
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Hitachi F-4700 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

F-4700 has increased performance via long-life Xenon lamp and photomultiplier with a wide dynamic range.  F-4700 is the evolution of the robust and reliable F-4600 with the latest optical technology and improved analytical performance.


Enhanced Optical System

  •  Increased excitation luminance
  •  Improved emission detection sensitivity
  •  Optimized signal processing

Key Specifications:

·         Sensitivity (BG): 15,000 RMS

·         Sensitivity (Peak): 1,000 RMS

·         Wavelength Scan Speed: 60,000 nm/min

·         Wavelength Range: 200-900 nm

·         Band pass: 1-20 nm

·         Wavelength accuracy: +/- 1.5 nm

·         Micro plate: Available as option

·         Quantum Yield Measurement: Available as option

·         Cut-off filters: 295, 320, 370, 395, 420 nm (optional filter set), Automatic Filter Option


High Sensitivity Measurement


Industry Leading Lamp Lifetime

Wide Photometric Range


Microplate measurement system

Quantum Yield Measurement of Powder Samples

Automatic Filter Accessory for Measurement of Fluorescence Fingerprint

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