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Precisa prepASH Series 340

Model with product name: Series 340 prepASH 229, 219, 212 Automatic Moisture and Ash Content Analyzer

prepASH(R) 340 Series - Automatic drying and ashing systems Easier to operate – safer results – better quality – perfect reports.

Working principle: Continuous weighing of 29 samples at high temperature by a built-in analytical balance to provide the moisture, volatile and ashing content automatically.  Data input, method setting, data calculation and report generating are in 1 station to save lots of manual work.

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prepASH(R) 340 series represent the highest level of thermo-gravimetric analysis and offer a unique combination of important advantages:

  • Massive reduction of the work-load through the simultaneous evaluation of the moisture, ash and volatiles content of up to 29 samples in one cycle without dessicator.
  • Fully automatic thermo-gravimetrical analysis with end-point recognition replaces drying oven and muffle furnace.
  • High performance ceramic crucibles and turn-table enable operation at temperatures of up to 1000o C.
  • Freely programmable temperature profile and various stop-modes mean that each cycle can be specifically adapted to the sample undergoing test.
  • Selectable atmosphere (N2, O2), exhaust option for measure sulphate-ash.

3 Models for different applications

  • prepASH 229 for 29 samples or 12 samples in Conradson Crucibles*
  • prepASH 219 for 19 samples or 12 samples in Conradson Crucibles*
  • prepASH 212 for 12 samples in Conradson Crucibles*

Swiss precision and excellence in engineering bring about a significant improvement of measuring results by:

  • Built-in high performance analytical balance enables direct weighing-in and continuous control of the analytical cycle and end-point recognition.
  • Rotation of the turn-table and other features of construction provide homogenous temperature distribution and identical conditions for each sample.
  • Fully automatic cycle ensures best reproducibility.
  • Graphical report of measuring values, either single or in groups, with sample recognition in colour.
  • Measurements meet the requirements of DIN, ASTM, ICC and others.
  • Carbon application per ASTM for the analysis of moisture, ash, volatiles and fixed carbon.

In order that you are always in control and can prove the quality of your products and services:

  • Real-time evaluation of loss of weight during the drying and ashing process is shown directly on the prepASH display and via network to external computer (prepASH can also be operated without computer!).
  • Print-out showing the weight changes of all samples either. singly or in groups, with sample recognition in colour.
  • Automatic calculation of results in chosen units.
  • Error free reports conform to GLP guidelines.

Additional optional features

  • Sample results tables, preparation and evaluation by networked computer.
  • Various communication ports such as Ethernet, USB and RS232.

Product Video:

For more information please visit www.precisa.com


Application: Ash content, Moisture Content, Coal, Energy, Power Plant, Proximate Coal, Volatiles, Biomass, Wood and Timber, Paper, Food, Fluor, Plastic and Polymer, Fiber, Soil, Heavy Metals, Inorganic matter, Crystalline Water, Mineralogy, Agricultural, Sulphate Ash, Pharmaceuticals

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