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Analytical Instrument
Hitachi F-2700

Model F-2700 is basically designed as a simple-operation, standalone model, which is mainly for quantitative analyses. Just like its predecessor (F-2500), it features the highest sensitivity in its class (RMS: 800, Peak to Peak: 250). Moreover, the Model F-2700 can be controlled via PC, due to its use of the FL Solution Program, available separately). The PC-control of the F-2700 enables users to perform three-dimensional measurements and the spectral correction function, just like its predecessor. Furthermore, the F-2700 is provided with an ample range of accessories, which allows the model to respond to diverse applications.

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(1) Improved operability due to the adoption of a keyboard, and to changes in the materials employed and allocation of parts.

(2) Excellent operability

(a) The operations which must be performed involve only key presses, according to the dialog-based instructions displayed on the screen.

(b) The number of keys and key-operations required for measurement are suppressed to the minimum requirement.

(c) Character input is accomplished via the same system used for cell phones.

(d) Short-cut keys are adopted. Their use in parallel with shift-keys makes screen transitions possible, such as auto-scaling, data load, and condition load.

(3) Excellent reliability

(a) In order to implement highly reliable use of the instrument by customers, installation of a function for monitoring instrument performance is standard. (Monitoring is in terms of sensitivity, stability, wavelength accuracy, and wavelength repeatability.)

(e) The usage time of use of the Xe lamp can also be monitored.

(4) Measured data can be stored for up to 80 measurements within the main unit.

(5) The installation of many functions supports the easy performance of diverse analyses:

     (a) Photometry, Wavelength scan, Time scan (incl. rate-analyses), and multi-wavelength measurements (incl. 2 to 3 wavelengths) are possible.

(b) Analytical conditions can be stored for up to 50 analyses.

(c) Calibration curves can be set for up to 20 standards. Repetitive measurement is also possible (up to 5)

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