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Precisa Series 340 prepASH - Glazed porcelain crucibles

Precisa prepASH have changed the manufacturer of our standard crucibles.


。 The glazed laboratory porcelain used is the most used material for crucibles in laboratories
Easy cleaning thanks to the glazed and smooth surface and no carryover
Constant, high quality (renowned manufacturer)
Improved acid resistance (see below)
Suitable for sulfated ash
More visually appealing

The glazed crucibles 340-8037 replace the previous crucibles 340-8030.
The prepASH is now delivered with the glazed crucibles.

ATTENTION: Only one type of crucible may be used in a run! Therefore a limited number of the crucibles 340-8030
are reserved for existing customers.
Justification: Buoyancy correction can only be carried out correctly with identical crucibles (geometry and material).

Technical data

 Glazed Laboratory Porcelain

 Heat resistant up to max. temp.:

 Aggressive Reagents
 Chemical resistance
           All acids (20°C):
 excellent *
           All acids (boiling):
 excellent *
           Warm, highly-concentrated Alkaline solutions:  good
           Molten alkaline salts:  unsuitable
* Except hydrofluoric acid

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