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Techcomp Corporate ProfileTECHCOMP GROUP

Engaged in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of analytical instruments, life science equipment and laboratory instruments. Operations are grouped into 2 business segments: manufacturing and distribution.



·       Designs, develops, manufactures, distributes and services spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrofluorometers, chromatographs, balances, deep freezers, ovens, incubators and centrifuges for a broad range of chemical analysis and life science applications

·       Develops and manufactures various instruments marketed under brands named “Techcomp”, “Sanco”,Dynamica”, “Froilabo”, “IXRF”, “Precisa”, “Edinburgh”, “Scion” and etc.

·       Develops and manufactures analytical and life science instruments for other companies

·       Manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, USA & Europe

·       Dedicated Research and Development (“R&D”) team




·       Distributes and services analytical instruments, life science equipment and laboratory instruments

·       Exclusive distributorship agreements with leading scientific instrument companies

·       Strong distribution presence through Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and 14 branch offices in the PRC.  Products are also distributed via our distribution network to South East Asia, South Asia, Australia, Middle East region, Europe and South America

·       Able to provide integrated solutions and turnkey laboratories to customers due to its strong technical capabilities as well as extensive product range

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